One of the best ways to enjoy winter is to gather a group of people and go skiing! Andes Tower Hills can help you plan your special day(s) and make it fun, easy, and enjoyable to be a group leader!

All you need is a group of 10 people with a combination of downhill skiers or snowboarders. 

When you bring a group the rates are discounted substantially! Regular rates are $44 for Lift Tickets, $24 for Ski Rentals, with a Package Price of $68. Group Package Prices range from $9.00 (early-early season) to $35.00 (peak season).

We recommend you take advantage of the substantial discounts the first half of the season (through mid-January) because we guarantee that you will want to bring your group multiple times during the season!

Andes Tower Hills offers HUGE DISCOUNTS on the following items when you bring a group:

  1. Lift Tickets
  2. Regular Rentals
  3. Snowboard Rentals
  4. Tubing
  5. Cross Country Trail Tickets
  6. Cross Country Ski Rentals

24 Hours Advanced Reservations Required- Must Call to make Reservations!

Call us 24 hours a day at 320-965-2455

To take the next step and get additional information, fill out your GROUP INFORMATION HERE.